More Reasons You Shouldn't Fuck Kids
every time one of us goes public and tells our story, we all win.
every time one of us goes public, we all learn that we are not alone.

TRIGGER WARNING: You are entering a potentially triggering space.

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Reason #6: Rape jokes

There’s an extremely privileged class of people who, because of their wealth or social standing or gender or race, are able to say things like “why can’t we just be colorblind?" or "I’m a human being, not some label".  For the majority of us who are not white men, however, this is impossibly patronizing— it’s a big lazy fucking excuse to not learn about racism, sexism, ableism, or other forms of discrimination and understand why these things happen.

The same happens with rape jokes and people who have survived sexual abuse. Often, when we raise our voices about this issue, people (that is, inhuman fucks) like to accuse us of being “too sensitive”, “taking it too seriously”, or other similar bullshit. Still other people like to repeat the childish “sticks and stones” mantra that words can’t ever hurt them— conveniently ignoring a long, brutal history of racial discrimination in many, many countries.

Rape jokes are completely unacceptable to people who have been fucked as kids. They should be completely unacceptable to human beings, as well. Unfortunately, there are lots of “people” out there who aren’t human and, because their social positions offer them lots of convenient privileges and benefits, purposefully choose not to learn about inconvenient statistics. They fail to understand that willful ignorance is just as bad as action with intent.  These same people fail to understand the idea of something being “triggering”, because they’ve never had a single shitty thing happen to them in their life, and because of that, they’ve never had ordinary insignificant every day things remind them of horrible, traumatic experiences.

No, we are not “too sensitive”. No, we don’t need to just “relax”.  We have damn good reasons to be angry, and we have a right to confront you with it. It’s because every time you bring in another group of people who have a long fucking history of sexual, imperialist, racial, or other forms of oppression, you are making a political statement. It doesn’t matter if you realize it or not— it’s still irresponsible and harmful to others. 

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